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Powered by Mentors of Top Medical Colleges, we are not an option but a choice.


Our Story

Carnot Education LLP was founded by a group of IITians in 2020. We started off as a comprehensive platform that provides one-on-one mentorship to budding JEE aspirants by guiding them on the right path. Having gone through the journey ourselves, we could relate to the challenges and difficulties of the aspirants. Thus, we made sure that our mentees seamlessly sail through this journey of JEE by being under the personal counseling of their mentor, who himself has seen it all.

In all these years of experience in providing mentorship to students, we have understood one thing that every student requires direction along with his hard work. While we mentored more than 4000 students, connected with them at ground level, and interacted with various dignitaries from similar fields, we found that there is one more community of students who diligently requires mentorship in their journey to crack the nut called NEET. We deduced that students aspiring to land in the top medical colleges of the country too are facing the same problems i.e of time management, backlogs, target setting, distraction, inconsistency, etc. 
That's where NEETCarnot comes into the picture by not only providing them ways to overcome these obstacles but also providing them a NEET mentor cum companion, available for them at all times. 

Our Mission & Vision

There is no denying the fact that aspirants work perseveringly to get into their darling destinations. But, not having proper guidance, and a person who could pave the path for them can make their hard work go in vain. We believe that every student requires the realization of his maximum potential & ability.

At Carnot, we fetch the maximum efficiency of students. We aim to bring every student of the country under the purview of a mentor because the Arjun inside you is looking for his Dronacharya.

We envisage being the largest mentorship platform in India. Mentorship is the need of every domain and we want NEETCarnot to be the centralized solution for all the mentorship needs of NEET Students.

When a student anywhere in the country feels stuck or is looking for a light, we want that CARNOT should be the first name that comes into his/her mind. 

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Our Team

We believe in the excellence of execution with the excellence of the team. Carnot Founding team covers all domains of relevant experience needed to execute the Mentorship Programs. Our team covers the expertise in product, Tech, design, marketing, customer success, growth & Marketing, and Sales.

We, as a team, believe in Student first approach and honesty. We ourselves felt the need for personalization and want to deliver it.

Our mentors are an integral part of our team. We are here because they want to serve you. Our mentors' pool is the best out of India's most prestigious colleges. Each mentor is handpicked by Interview, training, and Feedback process.

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