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Packed with useful features

"We can't stop time but we can optimize and save it."

Get the competitive advantage with unlimited mentor chat & calls, study planner, daily task, test analysis, and constant motivation. Explore all NEETCarnot benefits with the following features.


Personal Mentor

We will provide you a  personal mentor, whom you can contact any time on Whatsapp and Phone calls. They will be your constant guide in your NEET journey. Be it your academic problems or your mental & emotional fatigue, your mentor will pull you out of it.

Your mentor will guide you like your teacher, support you like your friend and push you like your parents. Having the right mentor in the preparation journey will definitely help you to crack NEET.

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24/7 High Quality Feedback team

We always welcome your feedback as we value your time and trust in us. We have dedicated feedback and a student success team available all the time. They will be directly connected to each student on WhatsApp and call.

There is always an active feedback form available on the NEET dashboard. Students can submit feedback forms anytime and the mentorship feedback team will be connected to students. Thus, our quality feedback team will make sure that our efforts meet your expectations.


Daily Task and Strategy planning

Your personal NEET mentor will brainstorm along with you to formulate a top-class strategy that will give you a roadmap to your preparation journey. Along with this, the mentor will not only assign daily tasks but will also analyze and keep a track of your daily activities.

Your mentor will help you in making a to-do and a not-to-do list. Basically, you’ll be having a planner for everyday throughout your whole NEET journey.


Personalised Schedule and time table

At NEETCarnot, we understand that personalized learning is very important in a competitive exam like NEET to get an edge over other students. An appropriate schedule and timetable are a must when it comes to NEET prep.

Your NEET mentor is instructed to ensure that you make the best use of your time. Your mentor will provide you with a personalized schedule and timetable. Your Mentor will help you in fetching your maximum efficiency.


Weekly Motivational Sessions

We conduct a motivating cum feedback session every week for you. The session is conducted by the core supervisors of the NEET mentorship team, where you can ask your queries to experts from the field. You can also provide suggestions that we can work upon to make your NEET journey smoother.

Your parents are also welcomed to these sessions to provide their valuable suggestions.

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Test Analysis and Tips

Test analysis is as important as attempting mock tests in NEET preparation. Giving mocks during NEET prep is 50% of the task and analyzing it is another 50%. Mentors at NEETCarnot unbiasedly analyze the mentees' tests and give routine feedback to them.

Your mentor will tell you areas in which you need to work and improve. As the mentor is well aware of your preparation level, he will give you tips and pointers that will be a savior for you on D-day.

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