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Why personal mentorship is necessary for NEET aspirants?


The competitiveness and the struggle to get ahead in fear of being left behind in today's generation is unparalleled, and the credit goes not only to peer pressure and parental pressure, but also the toxic coaching culture ironically thriving among the youth, which is inducing a tiresome and impossible to maintain lifestyle among the students, who often find themselves unable to cooperate further, feeling dejected and hopeless. Sometimes the condition even aggravates to such an extent that the student enters into depression, feeling guilty for not being able to meet the high expectations put upon his young shoulders by society.


What exactly does a mentor do?


A mentor is an experienced senior who guides you and helps you achieve success by showing you the correct path and the right measures required for your goal. He is there to boost your self-confidence whenever you're feeling low and is someone who believes in you even when you might not believe in yourself. He constantly reminds you of your capabilities and, and is there to help you throughout the way, wishing nothing but the best for you. He helps his protegé realize his hidden potential and direct it towards the right end.

How will having a mentor affect your NEET preparation?


Although it is true that you don't necessarily need a mentor to clear NEET, having a mentor will definitely make the task much more easier and fruitful for you. It has been shown by several


studies and surveys throughout the world that having a mentor can have a significantly positive impact on your life, to the point that it completely hikes up your belief in yourself as well as your confidence in being able to achieve what you want. If there's one thing you don't want to have during your NEET preparation days, it's a lack of self-confidence.

Apart from this, your mentor may also help you in choosing the correct study material, as well as suggest to you the best ways to tackle a problem in your exam. You can acquire their insights on the dynamics of NEET as it will help you in seeing the problems and the exam from a different perspective. A mentor can assist you in solving not only the technical problems of the exam but also any psychological ones that you might face during your exams.

Mentoring v/s Online coaching


Choosing the right guru is very important and the thumb rule to follow is ­­­ choose a mentor, who once followed the same path i.e. prepared for the NEET. Someone with a proven track record, as opposed to someone completely raw and inexperienced, however bright he or she may otherwise be. Also, it would be far easier for you to trust someone with experience and one with a few grey hairs on his head than one with little or no experience.

Several platforms on the internet provide a medium for students to access online lectures for NEET. There is no shortage of study material online when it comes to this exam. But the most important and vital thing which is missing from such modes of teaching is a personal and human touch. It all feels rather mechanical to study something without a human presence involved with whom you can actually interact as opposed to just see through a digital medium. It is impossible to connect with an online teacher as well as you can with a mentor. With a mentor, you form a strong bond of learning in which both the sides have reciprocative roles, and share mutual respect and regard for each other. Personal mentorship serves to bridge the gap between online teaching and a physical human guide, elegantly merging the two together in the form of a mentor.


Is receiving mentorship the correct choice for you?


Mentorship helps an individual increase his academic performance and achievements. Having a personal mentor will help you in several ways. You'll have someone to look up to for advice regarding your studies, as well as communicate how you're feeling and if you're being able to cope with your schedule. You may find your personal NEET friend in your mentor, who's there to listen to your problems and help you overcome them all the way. Just a helping hand in difficult times is enough for someone to continue forward. We aim to provide that in the hope that you'd be able to continue your journey more easily and more efficiently, and find a mentor as well as a friend during this vital time.

Vasundhara Pant


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It is for this very purpose of staying on the correct path and maintaining your enthusiasm that you need a mentor. Every one of us requires guidance in his or her life. When you were younger, you got it from your parents, but now that you're older and at an important determining stage of your life, you need someone who can guide you in your NEET preparation. Your parents may not be the perfect mentor as they haven't gone through the NEET days themselves, they haven't faced the same difficulties as you are facing right now, and therefore may not be able to provide you the solutions to your problems. Often, you might encounter a situation in which you need help from someone experienced, someone who's actually been in your position and therefore can actually understand it as well as you do, if not better. Your friends and family may have your best interests at heart, but they may never be able to empathize completely with what you're going through as a NEET aspirant, the difficulties and challenges which you face at every step. You not only require the caliber to solve a difficult problem, but also the mental strength to face point-blank a stressful situation. At NEET Carnot, we hope to assist you with this problem by providing you a personal NEET mentor who'll constantly motivate and guide you throughout your journey.

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